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and despite frontman Kristoffer Rygg's insistence that they were “not Named after the first letters of each star sign of the zodiac, the album is.

Larsen 11 O o 3 Jl.

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AInrphy 4 O O 1 3. Allen, 1: F. Burton, Blninen- tnal, 5; I'mdell. Foley, lO; Forgfy. Grahnui, :5; AA'. Allister, 2: R. Alisire, 1; Morrell. McGee, 2: ,T. Swaiu, 8 ; Vorke, 3; AV. AValsh, 1; T.

Dreams Weaver: My Druid Horoscope : Jasmine

AVill- iams 3. The steeplechase joekeys stand as follows: Jockeys. Alorrlson 17 7 I o Henry Russell lO 1 2 2 7. Alts, 1st.

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Hughes, 1: Higg ins. Mtirphv, 2; D. Rice, AL It. Vbslier, 1; Grace. Alien, 2; Garnett, ; Rosieek,.

Druid Horoscope-what's your sign?

Marklein, John. Aleiigel, J. Aleyer, B H 4 Murray, '1' F 2 MeCnilogii, J. F 1 McCulTerry, A. Al Neal, G. J 1 Nolan, '1' C 1 Rhillips. J 1 Rhillips, H J 1 Rieree, I,. Dayton, J. AV 1 Regan. C ;; Kiddle. K :; Reete. AV 2 St reel t, S. II ;; Simons. J 1 Slumhliee, J. M 4 Snyder, AV. I t Saere. Smith, F. AV s Taylor, AV. AV 1 Tams, G. M 4 Talley, E. II 1 Vititoe, D V AViKHlard.

Druid Horoscope: Nutwood.

A 1 AValsh. G 2 Zimmer, A. AYeather clear; track muddy. G57 IsMiks on. Rreshling Judge, PC C.

Nature and the Celtic Tree Calendar

P'igures in parenthesis following tile distance of wich race indicate track record, age of horse and weight carried. P'lRS'P R. VCE— Futurity Course. In d liorses. AA'iimer— Br. Mliert — Belle of Orleans trained by R. Start straggling. Allerioii, nearly left, worked through a rough journey and eloscq a big gap. Galvestonian, from a tlying start, made the running for five furlongs. Blaiu lie C. Meehant was erowdeii out at the lialf. Silver I. Scratched - ; 5! Overweights- Duke of Orleans, 2 immuuIs. AA' inner — Ch. Went to luist at Start giHsl.

Won in a canter: second driving; third tl. Boiilienr decisively onthroke, outpaced ami outstayed the others ai. Ruse II. Overweights — Memorize, 2 ikuiikIs. VCE- Mile. A n Harty T. At post t; minutes.

Start gotnl. Rrincess Wlieeler outbroke tbe others and maintaiiu'd close early pursuit of the winner, drew out on Hie inside midway of the slreteh. Sherman closed a big gap in the last half. Judge, away badly. Sheen quit badly after early couteutioa. Sant i Ray ran a isKir race. VCE — Mile. At post S minutes. Start fair. Won driving; second and third the same. Prineess Titania was forwardly placed for the first half, but went wide on he last turn, then finished with a Indated rush. Throw his race out.

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Msono began slowly and was sharply interfered with by Lucullus in the stretch. Scratched- W. I " "tyO Allowances. At post 1 minute. Won handily; second driving: third the same.

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Sky- w. Nine ran in im- proved form ami finished gtuiig gamely. Bendigo ran a bad race and was never a serious contender.

In- cubator quit after going a liulf. Hart, ; 6G Graceland, ; C Iiabmlen, Overweights — High Bear, 2 pounds; Skyward, 1. February 18, Crescent City Jockey C:iuti. Winter Meeting til days. Weather clear; track fast. Presiding Judge, Clarence McDowell. Starter, A. Dade, Racing Secretary, Martin Nathanson.

Racing st. IV indicates whip, S spurs, B blinkers.