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and despite frontman Kristoffer Rygg's insistence that they were “not Named after the first letters of each star sign of the zodiac, the album is.

Will we allow regressive 'Robin Hood' politicians and policies that favor the wealthy to rule the day and send American culture back to? Not if Stars Over Washington can help it! For as progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann often reminds us, democracy is not a spectator sport --so how will You, dear reader, answer the question, Who and What is America? The Sun-Uranus combination of energies contains revealing information concerning the realms of Politics and Business , the potentials of which I quote here from Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets for all or some of them are already in progress:.

Antithesis : Rebellions designed solely for the removal of an existing leader; the changes which accompany upheavals; rule makers or interpreters battling decision makers; a contrary head of state with unusual habits.


As you know, Mrs. Sanders assumed office on July 26, Sun 20Leo36, Moon 6Gem50 Gemini, sign of communications, news, reporters, and duplicity--and near Mr. Planet of communications and the press, Mercury , is around 8Virgo. Virgo is the sign of her father's natal Mercury as well and indicates one who is capable of attention to details, has specialized skills, is practical, and suffers from an inability to comprehend the whole. Criticism is also part of the Virgoan Mercury picture, both given and received. Well, she's in the perfect job for that working under the yoke of Donald Trump, ace critic.

Now the earliest possible position for her natal Moon is 29Tau47 conjunct Midas! However, below are the weaknesses of both Sun Leo-Moon Taurus and Sun Leo-Moon Gemini personality blends for the sake of comparison and because emotionally she seems to have more of a stubborn Taurean streak than that of a bright, witty, butterfly-like Gemini. Perhaps you know better. If so, please share! Quoting Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey, the weaknesses of a Sun Leo-Moon Taurus combo of energies 'the bulldozer' include, "Tendency to be intensely subjective and biased, proud and inflexible with inferiors; to be overtly selfish and withholding if offended and to speak out scathingly without thinking when a little diplomacy would win people over and magically move the obstacles that seem to stand in your way.

Sun Leo-Moon Gemini weaknesses include, "A tendency to rationalize; general restlessness and fickleness in emotional affairs; proneness to manifest all the undesirable qualities of the rebellious child when it pleases you to do so. Disturbingly, 2 New North repeats on August 11, 19Leo very near her natal Sun degree and has been termed by yours truly as The Tower Eclipse DC horoscope shown due to its themes of collapsing structures, plans, and lifestyles and the rebuilding that begins once the dust clears Brady.

An eclipsed Sun in hot August by 'The Tower' Eclipse is quite enough to make me wonder if the White House tenure of press secretary Sarah Sanders will end before is over or in early Trump with a few lessons in decency. Hopefully this can help stop Trump's daft deportation plan that is certain to carry even more than a high emotional price tag since it would require massive amounts of funding to pay for the jailing and deporting of hundreds of thousands of people After all, transit Saturn is strong in its own sign of serious Capricorn and is in process of bringing karmic Saturnian limitations to Mr.

Check out a list of the exact dates through that transit Saturn, planet of truth, realism, authenticity, and facts, rains on Donald Trump's illusory parade. And yes his idea of a military parade through the streets of Washington DC is yet another daft, misguided, fantastical, overreaching notion whereby in his mind, he reaps the benefits and accolades while other people always pick up the tab. In addition to Senator Sanders, if anything can work out well in America anymore, Special Counsel Robert Mueller heading the investigation into Trump's dealings with Russia and other matters will act toward Mr.

Trump as a critical, sobering Saturnian figure who holds him to account for any misdeeds, betrayals, or crimes he may have perpetrated--in spite of Trump's natal Saturn in self-protective Cancer and his Neptune-infected natal Mercury, also in the sign of Cancer the Crab which always scuttles sideways in order to avoid dealing directly and having to pay the price--behavior that suits trickster Mercury, the juggler and thespian, just fine. Below is the Inauguration Horoscope previously published here with my messy chart notes intact:.

First, let's note the all-alone Sun POTUS in Career 10th house conjunct asteroid Icarus which has turned out to be prophetic given the high number of resignations and firings from the service of Donald Trump's White House--and in the brief time of his under-fire administration. Obviously, many stressful situations and separations have been self-created no less so than by Mr.

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Trump himself through his attempt to remake America in his distorted Klan-esque image. Of course, it is no secret that this particular Southerner has never believed the man is up to the task of playing US president because I value the office more highly than his personal flaws can possibly reach. Many of my fellow astrologers criticize me for this bias yet I have also stated here and elsewhere that as any POTUS goes, so goes America and for this reason my hope as a Child of the Revolution has been that Donald Trump would do well in the job on behalf of the American people, and by extension, the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, this so far seems an empty wish on my part and yet hope does, and must, spring eternal. No beneficial transits will be listed which is due to my anxiety over the fate of our nation under Trump's quixotic Uranian leadership see the 'whimsical' link at the end of this post. If this bothers you, dear reader, you are invited to discount this post and mosey on to something that echoes your adoration of Mr.

Trump as 'dear leader' for you'll find no such adoration here! Note that in the Inauguration chart , the rebellious Uranus-Pluto square is featured 3A09 and so In the chart you see Inaugural Ascendant 14Tau07 which brought Trump's natal 9th house of legalities, foreign lands, philosophy and religion to the fore from the start and for the duration of his tenure. Inaugural Pluto in 9th house will make a series of squares to Inaugural Uranus 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions beginning on March 7, --still a 9th-toth house situation.

This occurs with both transiting planets at critical-crisis degrees Aries-Capricorn This is the Cardinal Square reasserting its difficult energies for Mr. Trump and our nation. Trump and his conspiring Republicans.

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As you know, astrological Mercury represents multiple things on various levels with plans, communications, and commerce being only three of them. In there are three conjunctions to 9th house Mercury 6Cap45 from transiting Saturn , karmic planet of limitation, delay, loss, judgments, courts, laws, lawmakers, government, and business.

Of course, Saturn is strong in his own sign of Capricorn and is slowly gearing up for his Great Conjunction with powerful Pluto on January 12, DC horoscope shown. But for now, the old devil hits Inaugural Mercury in the legal 9th house three times in on: February 21, June 14, and November This creates a period of increased responsibilities, circumstances that require a broadening of skills and knowledge, serious meetings testimonies?

Trump's natal IC. Moneybags and Jupiter the General has done of late. Perhaps this cosmic condition relates to dictator-idolizing Trump's dream of a military parade through the streets of Washington DC which would show Trump's and America's weakness rather than the projection of power that he imagines. This karmic transit suggests ego concerns as always for Trump , leadership differences, and the potential for physical interactions. A major separation from POTUS--perhaps of the public or his 'base'--is also a possibility around this time. Trump's need to live in a fantasy world increases, his judgment becomes cloudier than usual, and he yearns for greener pastures.

Well, one thing we know--that for a majority of Americans, the current kingpin-in-chief can't graze to greener pastures soon enough. You, of course, have some of your own but here's a list of mine with links to Eclipses included--and note that the GOP's gargantuan funding bill for the military, disaster relief, domestic programs and more was passed and signed today under the auspices of the soon-coming Solar Eclipse of February 15 manifesting a mere 6 days hence linked, below which yours truly has termed, the 'We The People Solar Eclipse' because it eclipses our national Moon in Aquarius in the US 'Sibly chart' 27AQ.

But if 'eclipsed' isn't the correct word for coming events, perhaps 'stimulated' or 'triggered into action' will turn out to be more descriptive of how the American people react! Please note that all posts on the following list contain links of their own, some of which may be redundant. In no particular order they are:. Leo love tarot reading november lina tarot A rare crystal that will perfectly soothe the throat chakra of those born on July 15th is linarite.

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