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While Cancer and Scorpio feel good together and make it work most of the time, they do have their fair share of conflict or challenges to work out. Cancer and Scorpio are soul mates that feel an instant connection and work best together when they are at their best. That is, when Scorpio shares its passionate, loyal and protective nature with Cancer, who naturally values feeling protected and having loyal companions. And then when Cancer is nurturing, romantic, patient and compassionate toward Scorpio. These attributes will work well for both signs in how they will help to make each sign feel a much-needed sense of security.

Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Cancer

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility is ideal when the signs acknowledge their need for security, as it can easily turn into a vulnerability for each sign. These signs are incredibly sensitive and require that the other is respectful of their feelings and need to feel safe. The Cancer and Scorpio relationship will only work if the two signs work together to hush the insecurities of the other. It is likely to be the Cancer or Scorpio in the relationship asking, "Do Cancer and Scorpio get along? In most Cancer and Scorpio pairings, outsiders are not likely to really see the difficulty the two experiences.

The challenges between the two are experienced on an emotional level, which each of them are quite private about sharing.

Best Matches

They feel comfortable in sharing with one another, but both are good at protecting themselves and each other from the opinions of others. It's somewhat of an unspoken bond that they just know, because - they are soul mates. The private nature of this couple is why the couple does not often discuss Cancer Scorpio sex with others.

Use Your Star Sign To Predict Your Perfect Match

Discussing it with others is likely to upset one or the other. The challenge in bed is that they can become too routine for the Scorpio at times, even though the Scorpio loves the level of intimacy and comfort they have skin to skin. It is not likely the Scorpio would trade the comfort for the unknown, but rather encourage the Cancer to try something new. The overly sensitive side of the crab is likely to feel vulnerable in this context, which will require a lot of tact from the Scorpio lover.

The scorpion is a passionate lover who has the empathy to encourage a playful change in the routine for the better. Cancer and Scorpio are a happily matched crab and scorpion. They make their love look comfortable to others, as two signs that have always known one another come together. It was amazing when we started dating. A lot. I had a huge crush on him. It was a little hard for us to really get close. It led to my depression, and when we finally got to see each other again, it was distant. Barely talked. It got better, but once we finally hit a year being together and few weeks or months later he dumped cause of family.

It hurt a lot, I tried so hard to get over him, by dating someone else. The new guy was a Scorpio but I only found out after I dumped him. We were able to talk, and text a lot more then I could with the Cancer. They are private and cold.

Cancer in Relationships & in Bed

I am a cancer dating a libra. For a year and 4months, i absolutely love him , at first we did have to learn to deal with problems on spot instead ofwaiting.. Love all our differences because thats what makes ut exciting we both learn new thing, ways, and interest.

Cancer Compatibility

I have been in love with a Cancer man for 1 and half year, we are planning to marry and have baby. He is 13 years older than me very experienced in life and practical person, which is totally opposite to me a young dreamy Libra, lack of experience and very silly sometimes. He is my life guide has taught me many things, has good influence on me..

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I feel safe, love and caring when Im with him. I rely on him so much now and falling deeply in love with him. I admire my Cancer, so smart and knows what he need to do, very productive Cancer Libra is very lazy. We also are best friends, talk — eat and gossip. Never give up the one you love and love you. Your email address will not be published.

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    8. Fierce loyalty binds this Cancer-Cancer love match, but it can also threaten its very existence. Their utter devotion to enriching their commitment and the strong emotional bond between them. Together, this pair will protect one another and keep their love safe from the outside world, as well as work toward creating a happy domestic life and nurturing a loving family. Looking for guidance?

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