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Who was born on February 22 is sensitive, discreet — they express interest in philosophy. They can be counted on.

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Although they are rather passive of nature — when they get to work and become involved in it, their cunning and extraordinary methods are a thing to be admired. For they can join all, even the most uncoordinated parts into a single unity.

Being born on this day grants a gift of spirit and unusual mental abilities. Such a person takes interest in wide issues, and everything that concerns philosophy, metaphysics and the way the universe is built sparks great enthusiasm in them.


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Sympathetic to be around, benevolent, hearty — they usually have many friends. Their flaw is their willingness to use, which can be visible especially in culinary areas. They are not always attentive, not too neat. They can always show stubbornness and arbitrariness.

February 22 Zodiac | Renee | Birthday horoscope, February zodiac, February horoscope

Their own carelessness can put them at risk of loss. But all in all, they are a good person. As factor in business or social matters, they can be very useful due to their intuition, inquisitiveness, as well as equalize their more active partners. How to raise a child born on this day. This is an important day to be aware of issues around jealousy—both Venus and Pluto can be possessive and obsessive.

Because of Venus's desire to be the most beautiful and desired, things can get tricky today. You're all about freedom, Sag. It's the keyword that's tacked onto every Sagittarius themed birthday card, tee shirt, and bumper sticker in existence, and jealousy makes you uncomfortable—whether you're the target or if it's coming from you. Pluto is the planet of depth, and today you'll be placed into situations that will require you to reflect deeply around your issues concerning money, your talents and how you make money, your spending habits which are probably bad since you Sagittarians are so extremely generous!

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A lot of the time, our self-confidence is wrapped up now much we have: Today is an excellent day to untangle feelings you have around issues like these! You centaurs are typically pretty pleased with yourself, because obviously being half-horse and half-human is really hot, but anyone can have a bad day. February 5 is an important day to be aware of issues around jealousy: Things can get tricky today. Be careful who you deal with today concerning issues around security both emotional and financial.

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Unfortunately, Pluto can sometimes bring out the shady, manipulative side of people when they're unable to deal with the realness and intensity that the planet brings. If you're working out an issue or making a deal with someone, bring in an unbiased third party to keep things in check. February 6 brings a lot of action. The Sun, which is currently in friendly and super smart Air sign Aquarius, will sextile Uranus, which is in fellow Fire sign Aries. Sextiles are helpful and communicative astrological aspects, and this one between the Sun and wild Uranus will bring some excitement to your life.

Expect some inspiring news, flirtatious messages, or sudden bursts of creativity. Also on February 6, the planet of communication, Mercury, will trine your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter. Trines are super easy aspects, suggesting harmony and flow. Both Mercury and Jupiter are about knowledge and understanding, Mercury being more about the fine print while Jupiter cares more about the big picture.

February 22 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the investigator

Expect clarity today, especially concerning your career goals, finances, or popularity. February 6 will bring some stress, with sweet Venus in Capricorn square erratic Uranus.

Expect people to feel impulsive and noncommittal today: Don't ask someone to marry or move in with you on this date. Your confidence issues could also come into play under the challenging energy of Venus square Uranus— don't try to heal yourself through impulsive shopping or partying. Instead, spend time with friends who make you laugh, or stay in and make some art. If the intensity early in the month finds you worried that you'll never be able to solve your problems, hold out for the New Moon on February 8. A fresh start around communication comes on February 8 during the New Moon in logical Air sign Aquarius.

Aquarius is the genius of the zodiac, and with this lunation activating the part of the chart that rules your mind, you'll be super sharp, Sag. If the intensity early in the month finds you worried that you'll never be able to solve your problems, hold out for this New Moon— Aquarius can solve any problem! February 10 is one of the luckiest days of the month for you: Lovely Venus will trine lucky Jupiter!